Pekingese School Daze

Let me introduce myself. My name is Peking Tuo Waugh Lee Bowman, C.D.X (Companion Dog Excellent) and with a name like that there’s a lot of raised eyebrows when I enter the ring. Besides [...]

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Pekes As Therapy Dogs

Pekes make good Therapy Dogs and get to go to nursing homes. They must all pass an AKC Canine Good Citizen’s (CGC) Test. I am an evaluator for the CGC Test through the AKC. I [...]

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Fun With Pekes in Obedience

Our first obedience Pekingese was a rescue we named Champ. He passed the therapy test and made a lot of people in nursing homes and assisted living units happy. He was small enough to [...]

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Pekingese in Obedience

Pekingese in Obedience by Annette Borders Pekingese O'Honeybear Pekingese in Obedience? What fun! After showing my Pekingese in Conformation for over twenty years, I thought I might try Obedience. I had a beautiful boy [...]

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Pekingese- Not Just A Toy

From the moment, 34 years ago, I laid eyes on my very first Pekingese I was hooked on the breed. My heart never saw the long back, high-on-leg, lack of coat, obviously 'pet quality', [...]

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Pekingese Can Do Agility

Pictured above: The Pekingese "Della Rae" Superstar in action! Della Rae writes: “We have had a good run in agility. We have earned so many 1st Titles for a Pekingese that I can't even [...]

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Agility Pekes

This is a story about two wonderful Pekingese dogs. A story of hard work, patience, courage and endurance. It is about teamwork between human and animal. It is a story of love. My husband [...]

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