The Pekingese Club of America Code of Ethics


This code of ethics is established to further the objectives of the Pekingese Club of America, Inc. It is intended to promote the ideals and principles required to maintain, protect, and preserve the Pekingese Breed. This code of ethics requires a commitment to a high standard of practice in owning, breeding, and exhibiting Pekingese.

  • REGISTRATION – Dogs must be properly and honestly registered with the American Kennel Club; for breeders in other countries, puppies must be registered with that country’s primary kennel club. Unregistered bitches will not be bred and unregistered dogs will not be used for breeding. All American Kennel Club rules and regulations will be complied with where applicable.
  • BREEDING – Only healthy animals with characteristic breed type and sound structure and temperament should be bred. Members shall breed only with the understanding that they must keep the puppies until responsible homes are found for them. Breeders must understand and acknowledge that they may need to take back, or assist in finding a new home for, any Pekingese they have produced. Breeders shall remain alert for and shall endeavor to control or eradicate inherited problems particular to the breed and should strive to screen breeding stock for hereditary problems. Members shall guard against unplanned matings. Members shall never intentionally produce or sell crossbred dogs. Accurate and current breeding records shall be kept. Stud contracts shall include an agreement that no puppies resulting from the mating will be sold/given to pet shops, wholesale dog breeders or dealers.
  • HEALTH – Members shall maintain the highest possible standards of health, cleanliness, and care for their Pekingese. Members shall provide the socialization, vaccinations, anti-parasite treatments and all routine care necessary to provide maximum mental and physical well-being for all Pekingese under their care.
  • ADVERTISING/SALES – Members shall advertise honestly. Advertising should neither offer Pekingese at bargain prices, nor encourage producing Pekingese as a moneymaking enterprise. No member of The Pekingese Club of America will sell at wholesale or to retail outlets, brokers, pet shops, mail order houses, or businesses of similar commercial enterprise, or donate a dog to be offered as a prize. The Pekingese Club of America recommends that every dog is microchipped prior to sale with the breeder as the secondary contact.
  • PLACEMENT – All dogs sold by members should be honestly evaluated regarding their pedigrees, temperaments, potential and faults. It is recommended that Pekingese puppies not be placed before three months of age; however, no puppies will be placed before eight weeks of age. No dog shall be released or shipped to a new home without having received vaccinations in accordance with local veterinary recommendations and/or state required health certification. Any health guarantee should allow the buyer a specified period of time within which to have the dog examined by a veterinarian. If a dog is found to be unfit (as covered in the guarantee), the breeder shall be prepared to equitably replace the dog, refund the purchase price, or otherwise comply with the purchase agreement as written. Members shall make every effort to protect their Pekingese bloodlines. Dogs not intended for show/breeding shall be placed with spay/neuter contracts, limited AKC registration, or spayed/neutered by the breeder if the dog is of appropriate age. Members shall furnish the buyer with diet and care information as well as copies of all veterinary procedures, pedigree, and AKC registration or transfer documents, unless the written agreement stipulates that registration and/or pedigree shall be withheld until proof of spaying or neutering has been received by the seller. Members shall not charge an additional fee for registration papers. Members shall screen all prospective buyers to assure that each Pekingese sold will have a safe and loving home.
  • PROFESSIONALISM – Each club member shall pledge to help educate the public on the Pekingese Standard and idiosyncrasies of the breed. When exhibiting, members shall not alter (nor permit another to alter) the appearance, behavior, or physical condition of their dog in any manner that shall misrepresent or deviate noticeably from the original appearance and physical structure of the dog.
  • SPORTSMANSHIP – Members are required at all times to display good conduct and sportsmanship and treat judges, competitors, show officials and spectators with courtesy and respect. The Pekingese Club of America subscribes to the AKC Code of Sportsmanship. Members shall not engage in false advertising nor shall they maliciously malign another person by making misleading statements regarding a competitor’s dog or breeding practices. At no time shall social media be used to air complaints/negative comments about a competitor or their dogs.