The Pekingese Club of America Committee Members
Most recently updated: February 19, 2020

Chairperson (bold) & Member(s)

Accounting Review – Calvin Dykes, Patty Metzger, Vincent Fleece
Auction/Raffle – Heather Ginochio, Stephanie Hill
Awards, Honors, & Trophies – David Fitzpatrick (Trophies 2020) Lori Stephen (awards and honors)
Breed & Club Historian – Steven Hamblin
Breed Standard – Joy Thoms, Steven Hamblin
Breeder Referral Network (National) – Heather Ginochio
Bylaws – Patty Metzger
Canine Legislation – Gloria Jones, Louise Harden
DNA Banking of Genetic Matereial – Steven Hamblin, David Fitzpatrick
Education (Breeders) – Louise Harden, Gladys Knox
Education (Judges) – Susan Shephard, Louise Harden
Health & Rescue - The Pekingese Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Hospitality – Colleen Skinner, Susan Shephard
Meet The Breeds – Vincent Fleece
Member Outreach/Sunshine – Gladys Knox
Membership – Gladys Knox, Tom Jenkins
National Rotating Specialty – Colleen Skinner, Pam Vanderpool
Nominating (year two if 2 year term) – Tom Jenkins, Bruce Spencer, Sheri Martinez
Publications – Susan Shephard
Publicity, Public Education and Public Relations – Colleen Skinner

Regional Club Liaison – Vincent Fleece, Louise Harden
Register of Merit/CGC/Performance – Lori Stephen
Show – Betty Tilley-Poole
Standing Rules – Patty Metzger
Tellers – (year one of two year term) Dawn Krautkramer, Debbie Hoselton, Krystal Hoselton
Ways & Means – Ted Lee, Lori Stephen
Website – Betty Tilley-Poole, Barbara Streemke

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