Our first obedience Pekingese was a rescue we named Champ. He passed the therapy test and made a lot of people in nursing homes and assisted living units happy. He was small enough to be in the beds with those who could not stand and could be lifted up by those who were able. The most enjoyable times is when the some of the members of the Mason City, Iowa kennel club which we belonged to at the time would put on an obedience demonstration in the activity room. One of the demonstrations was sitting your dog, leaving your dog, and going to the opposite side of the room. We would give the sit command and leave them. The first time we did this the audience began laughing. Champ had followed behind me and ended up in the heel position. At first because he was small I was looking around for him which provoked more laughter. After that we kept it in the act. Sadly he passed away at seven years old which devastated Bev and me.

Soon after his passing we acquired Willie (Prairie Breeze Woolyboy Willie, photo above) from Larry and DeAnn Ulmer (Prairie Breeze Pekingese) who we contacted saying we wanted an active Peke. I started obedience training in a slow manner and worked with him at fun matches where Bev for something for her to do showed him in conformation where he won a lot of prizes. Needless to say Bev started showing in regular conformation and he finished. Not long after that he completed three legs at two different shows and earned his Companion Dog title. He then went on to assist me in teaching obedience classes taking turns with a Newfoundland named Tonto in demonstrating how the commands are given and how the proper response looks. He is now retired and enters in Veterans Class in the North Central Illinois Pekingese Club where we are members. I only wish I had taken pictures of them.

Frank Motto