Guidelines for National Rotating Specialty Series

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Most recently reviewed by the author(s): 06-10-22

The hosting Regional Specialty Club show committee will have the planning and operational responsibility for putting on the Pekingese Club of America National Rotating Specialty. However, the ultimate approval and responsibility for the Pekingese Club of America National Specialty rests with the PCA Board and Chairperson of the PCA National Rotating Series.

Under the direction of the above-mentioned Chairperson, the host Regional Specialty Club Show Committee will be responsible for coordination of all activities during the National Rotating Specialty Series.  This includes insuring that all participating groups (i.e. other Regional Specialty Clubs) meet the guidelines for the Series.


The Club:

  1. Must be a licensed regional specialty club qualified by AKC rules to hold at least one annual specialty show.
  2. Must hold regular membership meetings.
  3. Must submit a membership list and current constitution and by-laws approved by the AKC.
  4. Must have at least three members who are also members of PCA.
  5. Must designate a member as liaison to the National Club's Chairman.
  6. Must submit a financial report of solvency (the two most recent club bank statements).


  1. The chairperson of the PCA National Rotating Specialty Committee will, in the summer or fall two years prior to the event, send an invitation to submit a bid to host a National Specialty and a copy of the Guidelines for hosting the PCA National to each Regional Club Secretary. The Regional Club Secretaries must reply to the PCA National Rotating Chairperson’s email invitation notifying him or her of receipt within ten days of receipt of the invitation and Guidelines.
  2. Written applications from each of the potential hosting clubs are to be mailed to the PCA Show Committee Chairperson by January 15, at least 24 months in advance of the prospective show.
  3. If no club submits a bid, PCA may choose to be the host for that year and choose a region in which to hold the show. PCA may hold any number of shows during that series and may invite any regional club in the chosen geographic region to join the series.
  4. The application shall include the following minimum information:

a. The name of the hosting club.

b. Location and date(s) and whether separate or in conjunction with an all-breed show (separate Specialty is preferred, but not mandatory). Note: The dates for holding this event must fall between May 1st and November 15th. The Board will consider other dates upon request, but any other date cannot conflict with the Westminster KC Show or AKC/Royal Canin National Championship.

c. List of any shows that fall on the dates that are chosen for the National Series within 200 miles of the proposed show site.

d. Documentation of communication with any all-breed club involved as part of the Rotating weekend as to : a) how far in advance they hire their judges; b) will they allow the Specialty Club to suggest a Pekingese judge (who perhaps can also do other breeds at that show) for that date.

e. Proposed show facilities are to include:

      • Site Plan: An air-conditioned indoor independent (not with an all-breed show)     Specialty is highly recommended.  Description of site including: scale drawing of the proposed site to include ring, grooming, vendor area, exercise area, restrooms, water, ventilation (HVAC), security, loading area and accommodations for parking (cars, motor homes, and other RVs:  cost of rental to include hours, insurance and clean up. Description of show location in relation to major modes of transportation: major airport, shuttle service interstate roads ext., shuttle service.)
      • Hotel Accommodations (average need is approximately forty rooms): Where is the location in relationship to the show site?  If the show is to be held at a hotel, what is the access to ring from rooms? Number of rooms available for show (will these be blocked until two weeks prior to the date?).  Include projected cost at time of show of rooms (single, double, suite) and any additional charge for dogs. Are discounts available if guaranteed a number of rooms?  Are comp rooms given for every so many room nights per day?  Are the rooms discounted if we guarantee a banquet? Are small refrigerators available for the rooms and if so, is there a charge?  Is central or individual room air-conditioning available?  Are the ballroom and grooming area air-conditioned? What areas are available for exercising dogs?  Will a freezer be available for exhibitor icepacks? If not, will we be able to hire a freezer for the duration of the shows? Will we be able to ship items to the site and if so, how long before the shows?
      • Hotel Contract: The final contract with the hotel must list the regional specialty club that is hosting the series, NOT When negotiating with the hotel the proposed contract must state how many room nights must be met in order to include the following at no charge: ballroom, grooming area, hospitality room, Lobby welcome area, PCA board meeting room (one day), general membership meeting room if the Board room will not accommodate the general membership meeting, seminar room (one afternoon), seminar room (one morning) banquet  room separate from ballroom and grooming area if possible (for PCA dinner and Black Mask party) and any other dinners put on by the regional clubs.) If all functions will fit in the ballroom it must be laid out in the schematic of the grand ballroom provided by the proposed hotel.
      • Banquet and Restaurant Facilities: Include banquet room availability and approximate cost for meals projected for time of show.  Include types of menus available for banquets. Include bar facilities costs. Include information as to whether clubs can provide their own food and drinks (hospitality, breakfast, lunch).
      • Meeting Rooms: For hospitality (host club must be allowed to provide snacks and beverages in the hospitality room for the duration of the show series), board and committee meetings. Availability, size and cost or will it be included.
      • Show Superintendent: Recommendation of a superintendent considering expertise, experience and costs.  A projected contract with the superintendent must be submitted; including itemization and terms of service provided and all associated charges.
      • Committees: Show committee roster to include but not be limited to names and addresses of: show chairperson (must be a PCA member; cannot exhibit at hosting regional Specialty, National Rotating Specialty and must use discretion exhibiting at other shows in the series).
        • Show Chairperson
        • Assistant Show Chairperson*
        • Trophy Chairperson
        • Catalog Advertising Chairperson
        • Hospitality Chairperson

*Note:  The PCA strongly suggests that either the Chair or Assistant Chair be the host club's designated liaison with the PCA Chairperson.

      • Proposed Schedule of Events: To include date, times and locations of shows (sweepstakes and regular classes, sleeve showcase, rescue parade, banquets, seminars, special events, meetings etc. The PCA will choose the position in the sequence of shows that it wishes to have. It may opt for the first, second, third, show, etc. in the series
      • Projected Budget: To include income and expenses for all activities with bottom line projection for income (or loss)
      • Selection of Judges: To include procedure for judges’ selection (based on the criteria which follows).


  1. General Criteria for Selecting Judges
    • Potential judges for any PCA National or Regional Show may not be considered if they have judged the PCA National or Regional within a three-year period.  Potential judges for any PCA National or Regional Show Sweepstakes may not be considered if they have judged the PCA National or Regional Sweepstakes within a two-year period.
    • Must be an AKC approved judge of Pekingese and preferable be a breeder/owner/ exhibitor or have shown considerable expertise in the breed. A list will be posted on the PCA website of all North American Pekingese judges noting that members may nominate an established breeder/handler that has demonstrated an extraordinary level of knowledge of the breed
    • Foreign judges may be considered if they meet the AKC requirements to judge the breed in the United States.
    • Sweepstakes judges, as urged by the AKC, may be persons who are already judges and applying for additional breeds (i.e.: Pekingese) or persons who have definite plans to apply in the near future to judge the breed. Sweepstakes judges are not reimbursed for travel or lodging.
    • The PCA Chairperson will provide a list of ineligible judges to the clubs participating in National Rotating Series.

2. All-Breed Shows held in conjunction with the PCA National

    • The hosting Regional Specialty Show Chairperson will work with the PCA Chairperson to coordinate with All-Breed Club(s) for appropriate Pekingese judges for the National Specialty Series.


  1. Review: The PCA National Chairperson will review applications for appropriateness and completeness and forward the applications to the board with his/her recommendations.  Consideration will be based on all facts contributing to a successful specialty.  This will include consideration of all proposed participants (Specialty and All-Breed Clubs) which would be part of the series (i.e. is the All-Breed show one of merit and does it encourage a supported Pekingese entry. Do the clubs display enthusiasm and a cooperative attitude?).  The Board will review the applications and        recommendations and select a host Regional Specialty Club.
  2. Facilitation: After the board has selected the host club for the PCA National, the show committee should keep in mind that the PCA reserves final approval for all activities during the National Rotating Series.
    • The liaison of the hosting regional club is expected to work closely with the PCA Chairperson, consulting with the chair before embarking on any plans that are not within the pre-approved scope of the application. This includes final approval of all contracts with facilities (show site, hotel, etc.), superintendents, etc. and approval of advertising copy, premium lists, judging schedules, catalogs, etc.
    • All actions are considered to be recommendations of the host club's show committee subject to the final approval of the PCA Chairperson and the PCA Board of Governors.
    • The PCA shall have ultimate financial responsibility for the PCA National show itself.


  1.  Loan: PCA will loan the host club $1000.00 for startup money.
  2. Auction: The proceeds from the auction held at the PCA Banquet will be split by the participating clubs
  3. Bookkeeping: It will be the responsibility of the host club to keep accurate records of all expenses and income.
    • The host club will be responsible for all monies received and for paying all invoices.
    • When all invoices have been paid the profit will be divided evenly between all participating clubs.
    • The $1000.00 loan from PCA to the host club will come out of the host Club’s share of the profit.
    • The Host Club will provide the PCA Treasurer with a spreadsheet of all income and expense showing a bottom line of profit that was divided between the participating clubs.

4. Hospitality Room: The cost of the refreshments (coffee, soda, snacks) for the hospitality room will be shared by the participating clubs.

5. Awards:

a. In addition to cash prizes (if offered) for their National Specialty, the PCA will also offer trophies for the following awards:

    • Best of Breed
    • Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed
    • Best of Winners
    • AOM(s)
    • Select Dog
    • Select Bitch
    • Winners Dog
    • Reserve Winners Dog
    • Winners Bitch
    • Reserve Winners Bitch
    • Best Bred-By-Exhibitor
    • Best Puppy
    • Best Veteran
    • 1st through 4th place (Based on entry) in Regular and non-regular Classes
    • Best in Sweeps
    • Best Opposite Sex to Best in Sweeps
    • Best Junior Handler
    • 1st through 4th place (Based on entry) in Sweeps classes
    • Best Stud Dog
    • Best Brood Bitch
    • Best Brace
    • Best Junior Showmanship
    • Reserve Best Junior Showmanship
    • Best of Breed Beginner Puppy
    • Best of Opposite Sex Beginner Puppy

b. Regional Specialty show (and all shows which are part of the National Rotating Series): The trophy chairperson of the host club will submit a trophy program for all shows (except the National) in the series to the PCA Chairperson to avoid duplication

c. Regional clubs will request trophy donations from their own clubs

6. Classes:

a. Regular Classes:

    • Puppy Dogs, 6 mo. & under 9 mo.
    • Puppy Dogs, 9 mo. & under 12 mo.
    • Dogs, 12 mo. & under 18 mo.
    • Novice Dogs
    • Amateur Owner-Handler Dogs
    • EITHER Bred-By-Exhibitor Puppy Dogs
    • AND Bred-By-Exhibitor Adult Dogs
    • OR Bred-By-Exhibitor
    • American Bred Dogs
    • Open Dogs, under 8 lbs. (if 12 mos. old or older)
    • Open Dogs 8 lbs and over (& under 8 lbs if less than 12 mo. old) Black, White, Cream, Parti-Color & Black & Tan
    • Open Dogs 8 lbs and over (& under 8 lbs if less than 12 mo. old) AOAC (Any other allowed color)
    • Winners
    • Veteran Dogs over 7 years & under 10 years
    • Veteran Dogs 10 years and older
    • Best of Breed
    • Best of Winners
    • Best of Opposite Sex
    • Select
    • Award(s) of Merit

b. Sweepstakes Classes:

    • Puppy Dogs, 6 mo. & under 9 mo.
    • Puppy Dogs, 9 mo. & under 12 mo.
    • Dogs, 12 mo. & under 18 mo.

c. Junior Showmanship:

    • Novice
    • Open
    • Master
    • *Novice and Open Class may be divided by age*Junior: At least 9 years old but under 12 years old on the day of the show.Intermediate: At least 12 years old but under 15 years old on the day of the show.Senior: At least 15 years old but under 18 years old on the day of the show.

d. Beginner Puppy class:

    • 4-6 mo. Beginner puppy (both sexes judged together)

e.**NOTE: All clubs participating in the National Series will offer the same classes in order to share the same entry form.

f. Obedience

Not offered at the National Rotating Specialty Show; can be offered (per AKC Guidelines) by the Regional Specialty Clubs (plan to be submitted to the National Rotating Specialty Chairperson).