The Pekingese Club of America Membership

Classes (types of membership)

There shall be 5 types of membership in the Club open to individuals who ascribe to the purposes of the Club and its Code of Ethics and who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club. All members shall have all of the privileges of membership except as expressly limited by their membership type. NOTE: Life membership is a membership class, but one may not apply for it. The Life Member must first be nominated and elected by the Board following the procedure for being elected to that membership class.

  1. Regular. For individuals 18 years of age or older who live in the United States, its territories or possessions and who are either currently showing and/or breeding Pekingese or who have a documented history of having done so.
  2. Associate. For individuals 18 years of age or older who live in the United States, its territories or possessions and who either do not have a history of breeding and/or showing Pekingese or who were regular members who have ceased breeding and/or showing Pekingese and who have elected to move to this membership type so as not to affect Club quorum requirements. Associate members may not vote or hold office.
  3. International. For individuals 18 years of age or older who do not live in the United States, its territories or possessions. International members may not vote or hold office.
  4. Junior. For individuals under 18 years of age who are interested in Pekingese. Juniors may not vote or hold office.
  5. Life. The Board of Directors may elect a Regular Member who has been a member of the Club for at least twenty-five years and who has rendered exceptional service to the Club or the breed to this membership type. One cannot qualify for Life membership simply on the basis of years of membership and number of champions bred or finished but must qualify on the basis of documented service to the Club or to the breed. Not more than 2 Life memberships may be conferred in any 1 calendar year and there shall be no more than a total of 25 Life members in the Club at any given time. A Life Member has all of the privileges of a Regular Member with one exception: A Life Member does not pay dues for the remainder of his life.

Requirements for application for membership in The Pekingese Club of America:

  1. Applicants must apply on an application form approved by the PCA Board of Directors, and must sign the PCA Code of Ethics, which is contained in the actual application. Application forms are available on this website or from the PCA Corresponding Secretary.
  2. An applicant must have two sponsors, not of the same household, who are current PCA members in good standing, who have been members of PCA for at least one year and who have Regular (aka Active) Membership status. Sponsors must know the applicant well enough to be able to advise him or her with regard to the appropriate choice of membership type. The applicant shall submit his application, a nonrefundable application fee and the dues payment for the current year to the Club Treasurer.
  3. A Board-appointed Membership Committee researches applicant credentials. The Committee will resolve any questions regarding showing and/or breeding activity listed on the application form with the applicant and/or sponsors before returning the applications to the Treasurer and/or Corresponding Secretary for presentation of the application to the Board at a Board meeting. Applicants and sponsors should feel free to consult with a Membership Committee member about any questions they have during the application process.
  4. In order to be approved for membership, following presentation of the application at a Board meeting, an applicant’s name, address and sponsors’ names must be published in an issue of the Lion Dog News. A period of at least twenty-one days must pass to allow PCA members time to submit comments to the Board before the applicant’s name is again presented at a Board meeting, this time for a vote to approve him/her for PCA membership.
  5. Affirmative vote by secret ballot by 2/3 of the directors present at a meeting of the Board shall be required to elect the applicant to membership. An applicant for Regular membership whom the Board determines lacks sufficient experience in showing and/or breeding may initially be offered admission to Associate membership while he/she gains the necessary experience as an exhibitor and/or breeder of Pekingese.