Pekingese in Junior Showmanship

The Pekingese Club of America encourages young people to participate in the family sport of showing dogs by becoming involved in Junior Showmanship.

Participating in Junior Showmanship will teach your child many important life lessons — how to be a good sport, how to put one’s mind to something and master it; and how training can lead to a very special bond with a dog. And who knows? Your kid just might love Junior Showmanship so much it might eventually lead to a possible career path!


To compete, your child must be between 9 and under 18 years old and must obtain a Junior Number prior to the day of the event to track your wins.

Juniors must be able to control their dogs at all times. While the dog himself is not judged, your dog must be owned or co-owned by the Junior Handler or the Junior Handler’s father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandfather, or grandmother, including corresponding step and half relations, or by a permanent member of the Junior Handler’s household.

Here's a video

Lily & Rider: A Family Sport


Youngsters involved in Junior Showmanship can also apply for scholarships with the Junior Showmanship Scholarship Program through the American Kennel Club.


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