Meet the Judges

Judge Mr. David Fitzpatrick

Speak to anyone who is remotely involved with the Pekingese breed and the mention of David Fitzpatrick’s name will result in a degree of awe and reverence for this American gentleman is acknowledged as being as fine a handler and presenter of a Pekingese as has ever been seen.

While the quality of the dog matters most, regardless of who is handling it, “obviously these dogs need to come from somewhere, and they come from a breeder,” says Fitzpatrick, who has been breeding his Pequest Pekingese for more than three decades. “It’s gratifying that breeders can do it themselves.”

While Fitzpatrick first made his living as a professional handler, he soon decided he would be his own best customer.

“I learned early on in my career that if I wanted to be successful, I was probably going to have to breed most of my own dogs,” he says. “I handled for a lot of good clients. But I wanted to have more consistency and try to have the kind of dogs that I thought fit the standard.”

Fitzpatrick has now won Best in Show with a Pekingese at the nation’s three most prestigious all-breed shows: the AKC National Championship, Westminster and Morris & Essex (twice – a not inconsiderable accomplishment when one considers that show is only held once every five years).

David Fitzpatrick

Judge Mr. Vincent Fleece

Vincent Fleece

I am honored as a breeder/exhibitor to have been asked to judge for this assignment. Thank you to all of you for nominating and voting for me. I have been showing Pekingese dogs for over 30 years either as breeder owner, co-owner or handler. My interest in Pekingese started with my, Mom. She wanted a show pekingese and we were fortunate to find and finish our first Champion from Arlon Duit from his Lon-Du Kennel. These produced our first champions under the Ven-Mar kennel name.

I was fortunate to have a 24 year friendship with Mr. Duit of Monticello, Iowa, co-owning and co-breeding Pekes. His dogs can be found in the lineage of many successful show dogs bred in the USA and some abroad. He was a great friend and mentor up until his death from cancer.

I am an AKC Register of Merit breeder, a PCA Breeder of Merit and a PCA Judges Mentor. I have been an officer or President of two different Pekingese Regional Clubs and have also served on the PCA Board. I have traveled between continents to earn championships on my dogs in the USA and in Europe as well as meeting many new friends along the way. It is an honor as a breeder to produce dogs that are competitive in any arena regardless the geography. I place an emphasis on healthy dogs and believe that is the foundation for which to implement the breed standard. I look at the over all dog in its representation of our current standard judging each dog on its merits.


Friday October 15 Pekingese Association of NY
Judge: Steven Arnold (AM) | Sweeps: Kathleen Ferris
Friday October 15 Pekingese Association of NY
Judge: Dr. Steve Keating (PM) | Sweeps: Kim Langlands
Saturday October 16 Pekingese Club of NJ
Judge: Richard Powell (AM) | Sweeps: Tom Jenkins
Saturday October 16 Pekingese Club of NJ
Judge: Dr. Thomas Graves (PM) | Sweeps: DiAnn Flory
Sunday October 17 Pekingese Club of America National
Judge: David Fitzpatrick | Sweeps: Vincent Fleece