Membership Application

New Membership Applicants Only

Fees for new membership applicants must be sent in by check, money order or credit card ($3.00 service charge for credit cards) WITH the application and NOT paid by PayPal.

Initial non-refundable application fee $10.00

Domestic Membership - Annual Dues: $40.00 USD + $10.00 application fee.

International Membership - Annual Dues: $50.00 USD + $10.00 application fee.

DOWNLOAD the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and mail with your check to the address listed on the application.

The Pekingese Club of America's official newsletter, The Lion Dog News, is sent quarterly by email, free of charge to all members. If you DO NOT HAVE email, and would like the LDN sent to you by USPS, include with your dues an additional $30.00 for processing.

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