Pictured above: The Pekingese "Della Rae" Superstar in action!

Della Rae writes:

“We have had a good run in agility. We have earned so many 1st Titles for a Pekingese that I can't even remember all of them. We are an extreme team with a bond so tight that we can understand each other by just looking in our eyes.

There have been times when I made Jenne, my owner, trainer, handler, feel very humiliated, embarrassed, overjoyed and so very proud of me. The one thing I have never made her feel, is mad.

True teams work together, they don't get mad, they just learn from their mistakes. Yes, I'm getting older and slower but so is Jenne. We are best friends and we will compete until one of us decides to give it up. It has been a good run.”


Jenne Ford writes:

As Della's owner, trainer and handler, do you know how many times I have heard: “Pekingese can't do agility, why they can even walk.” My Pekes have certainly proved them wrong and I am going to do it again with my new puppy Yau-Man.

I am blessed to have owned Pekingese for over 30 years. They all had the Royal personalities, and the great stubbornness that comes from their Royal upbringing.

When I first got Della Rae, she was very smart but she was very naughty. Della was always in trouble for one antic or another. I took her to puppy kindergarten and the trainer was an agility judge and I guess the rest is history.

It hasn't been easy. She is one fabulous jumper but she didn't like the contact equipment like the teeter. When she finally got her MX (Master Agility Title), she got it with a purple leash hanging off her tail. When I went to the line to start our run, I threw the lease off as usual. Somehow, it got wrapped around that little Pekingese tail and off we went. We qualified on that course, our title run, with the crowds cheering and laughing. I asked a judge at ringside, what he thought? He said he thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. I love that little purple leash.

Della Rae is chasing her MACH, Master Agility Championship. She is over half way there and still going strong. She is 8 years old but I feel that is young for a Pekingese. Here's a painting of our dog-family.

Dog family

Oreo, Lion in the Dark, was added to my Pekes along the way. I purchased him to show. Andy, my husband, needed a dog, so he started training him. He was so cute. He always did the strangest things in the ring. He would stop and stare at the crowds and then finish the course. He had the best weave poles in class but get him out in competition and he would just run by them. Finally, I got to run Oreo and I will never forget the day I moved him into 2nd place for Pekingese in Agility. Now I had the number 1 Peke and the number 2 Peke. Unfortunately, Oreo died of Hemorrhagic Gastro Enteritis, HGE, at a very young age. He died within 24 hours of contracting the disease. He fought so hard, but in the end, his little heart just gave out. I was holding him in my arms when he gasped and died.

Losing a young, wonderful dog can destroy you. I was overcome by sadness. I blamed myself. I became depressed. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep and I certainly didn't want to do agility anymore.

A lot of people called me to express their condolences but it was Edie Jones who wouldn't let me slip into the world of total depression. She called me daily. One day she called and said there was this little boy at Morningstar Pekingese named Randy. Morningstar Pekingese would offer him to me as a gift to help me get started again and would I like him? Yes, I needed another puppy to heal me. As soon as I saw him at the airport, I renamed him Yau-Man because I knew he would help me survive.

Yau ManYau-Man is doing great in training. He can jump and he really likes agility. I hope to put him on top someday.

The most important thing I have learned about competing in agility is, never take anything for granted, always remember when you walk up to the line to start your run, it could be for the last time. Love and respect your teammate as they give you so much and they don't ask for anything in return except a good cookie.

Yes, we have had a good run in agility and I hope we will be able to compete for many more years.

Jenne Ford’s Agility Team:
Della Rae Super Star Pekingese MX MXJ NF
Oreo Pekingese AX OAJ NF
Spirit Papillon MX MXJ