Annette BordersPekingese in Obedience

by Annette Borders
Pekingese O'Honeybear

Pekingese in Obedience? What fun! After showing my Pekingese in Conformation for over twenty years, I thought I might try Obedience. I had a beautiful boy (Ricky) who had to be neutered so I entered him in an Obedience class. He did very well, so when he graduated, I entered him in a show. He took third in Novice A at that show, but the next day he got spooked on the down stay, and we busted. He did fine at the next shows and got his CD title. I wanted to go on to Open, but there’s where I hit a snag. No way was he going to put that dumbbell in his mouth! While working on that, there was a class starting called “Introduction to Agility” in which I entered him. He liked the class and did great on the jumps and jumping through the tire, and he was absolutely crazy about going through the tunnel. If I didn’t watch him he would get off course and run through the tunnel. All was fine until it came time for the A Frame. His long coat tripped him and it scared him to death. In the meantime, I was busy showing other dogs in Conformation so I gave up on the dumbbell. Now he is Rickshaw O’Honeybear, CD.

My next attempt at Obedience was with Abbie. When she earned her championship title, I started her in Obedience class. She quickly earned her CD, but there I hit the same snag with the dumbbell. Fortunately for us, AKC had approved Rally. That’s where Abbie really shines. She loves it, and I love showing her. Unless I goof up, she is always in the ribbons, and unless we lose out on time, she often wins first place. Abbie received her Rally Novice, Rally Advanced, Rally Excellent, and now has her Rally Advanced Excellent title. Everyone is amazed to see a Pekingese win over all the working breeds, but they are all so supportive it makes it a lot of fun. Now she is Ch. Abilene Delight O’Honeybear, CD, RAE.

After having so much fun with Abbie, when Casey and Tomi finished their championship titles, I started them in Rally also. They quickly earned their Rally Novice titles, and we are now working on the jumps. It’s quite an experience to show three Pekingese in Rally, but no one wants to be left at home. Now I have Ch. Casey O’Honeybear, RN and Ch. Buddha’s Surprise O’Honeybear, RN.

I would encourage everyone to give Rally a try. It is so much fun, and the dogs love it. Also, it’s good exercise and builds a very strong bond between you and your dog.

Annette Borders
Pekingese O’Honeybear