Let me introduce myself. My name is Peking Tuo Waugh Lee Bowman, C.D.X (Companion Dog Excellent) and with a name like that there’s a lot of raised eyebrows when I enter the ring. Besides that long moniker, I’m a Pekingese.

Everything I do seems to be unusual for a Pekingese...that is, I hear people say that, you know. I do the high jump, the broad jump, the drop on recall and retrieve objects on command. All of this is part of my performance. I’m a show dog. This is all called obedience.

In Obedience a dog is awarded certificates for different categories. The American Kennel Club issues a certificate for each registered dog and will permit the use of the letters, C.D., C.D.X., and U.D. after the name of each dog that has been certified by three different judges of obedience trials to have received qualifying scores in different categories (Novice, Open and Utility) at three licensed or Member Obedience Trials.

My career started when I was a puppy. One day Mommy said, Peking, we are going to school tonight. I thought to myself, does she think I can learn to read and write. “Gee Whiz” I’m just a dog.

My first night at school was really something. I met all types of dogs: big ones, little ones, pretty ones, short ones and tall ones. I never met any ugly ones but some barely did make it. All were very nice.

The first course was called Basic, how to heel, sit, stay, come, pay attention and obey. It was a struggle at first; however, I came out in first place and most improved dog in the class. Boy was I glad when I graduated, I was anxious to get back to being “Just a Dog”. I graduated first in my class and most improved. Boy was Mommy happy.

Then, guess what? Mommy said, we start Novice next week. Now will someone please tell me what Novice mean? Well, in a few days I found out just what Novice meant, that means an inexperienced beginner, boy, did that classification fit Mommy and me both.

I had to sit straight, lie down, heel slow, fast and normal and come on command. Then someone said, “figure eight.” I knew it, not only am I going to have to learn to read and write but they expect me to learn arithmetic too, all with a leash around my neck. I don’t think so!

I can’t say I really like this schooling, but after a few sessions I decided to go along with it to a point. At least they hadn’t started the reading and writing yet, and besides that everyone said you can’t do much with a Pekingese in Obedience, can you imagine that! They seem to forget that we Peke’s originated from the great Royal Families of China.

Well, Mommy and I both struggled through Novice. I could have gotten my C.D. (Companion Dog) Certificate in three straight shows, but I blew it. During my first time in the show ring, I was on a down stay and some very nice kids were over on the edge of the ring and coaxed me over to them. I decided to go see what they were doing. The judge didn’t like that and Mommy didn’t either. I received my C.D. title and sure enough Mommy had more school lined up for me. She didn’t even ask me if I wanted to attend any more schooling. I’m sure the reading and writing will be included in the new course called “OPEN”.

The first thing I knew, Mommy was throwing wooden things that resembled a bone all over the place and I have to retrieve them. She had me jumping high jumps and broad jumps. I liked this because I got to show off to people who enjoyed watching me. I had to hold the wooden dumbbell until Mommy asked for it. All of this was one off lead, Oh! Excuse me; what I mean is without a leash.

I wasn’t so anxious to start the reading and writing so I took my good old time, besides I was getting pretty tired of school. I decided to quit, I acted as though I had become ring wise, but it didn’t work. Mommy just tried that much harder, so I settled on giving her a good scare every once and awhile by hesitating and acting dumb in the ring. Mommy was really determined, she drug me all over the creation, show after show. I worked in the pouring rain and tall grass infested with fleas and burned up in the hot sun, but I made it. It sure wasn’t easy.

Boy did we celebrate. Mommy gave a party at school and everyone came, she cooked all kinds of oriental food and dressed up like my ancestors owners. Yes, I made it!!!! Here I became a CDX (Companion Dog Excellent. Now maybe I can get some rest. THE GRAND FINALE at last. Yeah!

But wait! What’s this I hear??????? someone asking Mommy "Is Peking going into Utility?" Do they expect me to work for the Gas & Electric Company now that I’ve graduated! What will these humans think of next?

This course is called UTILITY. What in the word is that? I though utility was gas, electric and water. Well I still don’t know, but the work, so far, is next to impossible. They have me scenting articles tied to a board that I couldn’t possible retrieve, and all this to be done with my flat little nose that don’t work good in the first place. They throw their white gloves around and expect me to gather them up. I don’t think I’m doing too well though; Mommy has quit telling me what to do and just gives me a lot of hand signals. I think that she is mad at me. She does not speak at all, just uses hand signals.

Off we went to the show to show people what I could do in Utility. It took me forever to get Utility. Mommy was getting aggravated with me and finally the electric light bulb came on and there I was in the ring acting like I knew what I was doing. Finally! I could see that Mommy was happy with me and people clapping and ribbons galore around my neck. I must have finally learned how to read and write, because Mommy threw the biggest party in the world for me. There was human food, dog food, and even prizes for all of us. Yea!

I’d better go now Mommy’s calling and by the way, if I’ve made a few mistakes in typing, please forgive me. The reading and writing courses are interfering with my typing practice and my nails need clipping. Mommy is talking something now about TRACKING. What in the world does she want me to track down now? I am not a drug sniffing dog. Maybe I am supposed to check and let her know which bitch is in season. Yippee, I would like that. I might just fall in love and get married.

I will let you know later when I find out about Tracking, but for now, I’m going to sleep.

Owner: Nancy Bowman
230 Rainbow Ridge
Beckley, WV 25801

Peking died March 16, 1996 at age 17 - my first Pekingese in Obedience. He was followed by Clarissa, died 1/19/2001 and Brooke, died 9/9/2006, and Monty, died 3/8/2005.

I have taught Basic classes, Novice, Open, Utility, and Tracking. I have been in the Pekingese world with the above dogs since 1980. However, my very first Pekingese was given as a gift to me in 1967. He was named after the first Apollo space craft that went into orbit. Peking Apollo. As you can see I have really been into Pekingese since 1967, but faithfully since 1980.