The PCA Register of Merit Sires

The Pekingese Club of America Register of Merit (ROM) Awards program
honors member-breeders who own Stud Dogs that have:

  1. ROM Sire,  sired six (6) or more AKC Pekingese champions.
  2. BRONZE ROM Sire, sired a minimum of twelve (12) Pekingese champions.
  3. SILVER ROM Sire, sired a minimum of twenty-four (24) Pekingese champions.
  4. GOLD ROM Sire, sired a minimum of thirty-six (36) Pekingese champions.
  5. PLATINUM ROM Sire, sired a minimum of fifty (50) Pekingese champions.

 BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM levels follow the Sires name in caps

Ai Kou The Gladiator, Ch.Betty Claire Peacock & Lois Thomas
Akarana The Aggressor, Ch.Michael Hill
Aslan Achilles Strength Prevails With Amerglo, GCH CHLori Stephen & Mark Stephen
Aslan Ares The Defender With Amerglo, GCHG CHLori Stephen & Mark Stephen
Belknap Little Nugget, Ch. BRONZEPatricia Metzger
Briarcourt's Coral Gable, Ch. BRONZEDavid Fitzpatrick
Briarcourt's Damien Gable, Ch. BRONZEDavid Fitzpatrick
Briarcourt's Excelsior, Ch.J. Robert Jacobsen & Janet Allen
Briar-Mar American Gigolo at Vannjty, GCh.Betty Tilley-Poole & Susan Shephard
Cambalu Sunstorm, Ch.Joy Thoms
Careken's Chance In A Million, ChKen Springer
Careken's Just By Chance, Ch.Don Johnson
Charmin Jason of Toimanor, Ch.Audrey Drake
Chu Lai Touch of Buddha, Ch.Charles Farley
Clairmont's Yankei Dragon, Ch.Lance Bryson & Bonita Hill
CooDeeFoo Summer Storm, Ch.Eugene G. Hinson & Barbara Streemke
CooDeeFoo Southern Venture, Ch.Eugene G. Hinson III
CooDeeFoo TwoStep'n T'Taeplace, Ch.Eugene G. Hinson III & Randall C. Ferguson
Déjà Vu Sir Gold for Pekehuis, Ch. BRONZESusan F. Shephard
Déjà Vu True Grit at Shambala, Ch. BRONZESusan F. Shephard
Draco's Opera Baron, Ch.Paul & Pamela Winters
Dunkirk Armed N Ready, Ch.David Brock, Michael Sweeney, Timothy Reese, Randy Winters
Dunkirk's Choice For Richbob, Ch.Joanne Byars, Timothy Reese & Randy Winters
Dunkirk Imagine That, GCh.Timothy Reese, Randy Winters, Marcia Merrill
Dunkirk I'm Gonna Live Forever, Ch. BRONZETimothy Reese, Randy Winters, J. Robert Jacobsen
Dunkirk Ticket Master, Ch.Timothy Reese & Randy Winters
Dunkirk Trademark, Ch.Timothy Reese & Randy Winters
Fourwinds Cassius, Ch. BRONZERobert Jackson
Fourwinds Lyme Light, Ch.Robert Jackson
Fourwinds Lyndon, Ch.Robert Jackson
Fourwinds Lynsum, Ch.Robert Jackson
Fourwinds Prime Time, Ch.Robert Jackson
Fourwinds Quietly Elegant, Ch. BRONZERobert Jackson
Fourwinds Quietly Royal, Ch. BRONZERobert Jackson
Goodtyme's Fabien Gable. Ch.Marilyn Dudley
Hoong Tao's Ebony'N Ivory, Ch.Dr. Louis & Sylvia Reznick
Hope's Firecracker Sparkle, Ch. BRONZEBrenda Scheiblauer
Jo-Li Matheny's Warrior, Ch. BRONZEEva Matheny
Kalafrana Jay's Joseph At Toydom, Ch.Robert Jackson
Katering's To Be Continued, Ch. BRONZERandy Winters and Timothy Reese
Kettlemere Sercial, Ch.Carol Noe
Kistler's TroubadourPatricia G. Metzger & Dr. Raymundo W. Lo
Knolland Red Rover, Ch. PLATINUMMichael Hill
Koty-Ke of Sutton Place, Ch.Joseph McGinnis
Kushan Gold Ransom of Pekehuis, Ch. BRONZEElizabeth Tilley-Poole
L & A's Goodtymes Lone Ranger, GCh. BRONZEBetty-Claire Peacock
Laranda's Mity Miki of Cha Shu, Ch.Angela Lopez & Carmen Blankenship
Li Ming Desperado At Draco, Ch.Barbara Allen
Linn-Lee's Dance with Dragons, Ch.Erna Holcombe
Linn-Lee's St. Martin, Ch.Erna Holcombe
Lon-Du Clouds on Snow, Ch.Patricia G. Metzger, Roy Harrison, & Laura Harrison
Merrimac's Andreas Silberman, Ch.Malcolm Moore & David Bowman
More Than A Feeling at Katering, Ch.J. Robert Jacobsen & Janet Allen
Morningstar Festival Music, Ch.Herbert & Erna Holcombe
Muhlin Boogaloo, Ch. BRONZEPatricia Metzger & Christine Hann
Muhlin Cartel of Dreamville, Ch.Patricia Metzger & Raymundo Lo
Muhlin Confidante, Ch.Patricia G. Metzger
Muhlin Doo Wah, Ch.Patricia G. Metzger
Muhlin Make Believe, GCH.Deborah Thompson
Muhlin Monopoly, Ch. SILVERHerbert & Erna Holcombe & Patricia Metzger
Muhlin Most Likely, Ch. BRONZEPatricia G. Metzger
Muhlin War PaintPatricia G. Metzger & Dr. Raymundo W. Lo
Oakhill's Sun Dragon of Windemere, Ch.Kaesi L. Cook
Pascan Prokofiev at Toydon, Ch. BRONZERobert Jackson
Pendenrah Lysander at Sunsalve, Ch.Robert Jackson
Pequest Love Conquers All, GCh.Thomas Jenkins & Vincent J. Hedrick
Qazara The American Gigolo, Ch.Diane Burvee
Royceland Liebestraum at Toydom, Ch.Robert Jackson
Sachiko Gold Digger From Pekehuis, Ch.Joy Thoms
Shihgo Tittle Tattle to Toydom, Ch.Robert Jackson
Siulong Oakhill's Sirtainty, Ch.Kaesi L. Cook
Starfrost Hot Summer Night, Ch.Kaesi L. Cook
St. Aubrey Domingo of Elsdon, Ch. BRONZEBrenda Schleiblauer & Edith Jones
St. Aubrey Frangelico of Elsdon, Ch. BRONZERobert Denis & R.W. Taylor
St. Aubrey Sunburst of Elsdon, Ch.Particia Metzger & Judy Bruckerhoff
St. Aubrey Touch Gold of Elsdon, Ch.Kaesi L. Cook
Sunburst Bees Whizz, Ch.Karen Schultz Volk
Taeplace Monet, Ch. BRONZEBeth & John Ferrier
Taeplace Renaissance, Ch.Beth & John Ferrier
Windemere's Awesome in White, Ch. BRONZEJoy Thoms
Windemere's Destined To Be In Style, GCHBJoy Thoms & Laura Markham
Windemere's Dusting of White at Pevyne, Ch.Joy Thoms & Cody Koch
Windemere's Hard To Be Humble, Ch. BRONZEJoy Thoms
Windemere's Hi-Falutin Dragon, Ch.Joy Thoms
Windemere's Step'N Out with Class, Ch.Joy Thoms
Wun Chun Donatello, Ch. BRONZEDr. Anthony Pomato & Judy Pomato
Yakee Forward Step at Pleiku, Ch. PLATINUMElizabeth Tilley-Poole