Membership Renewal


***** PLEASE NOTE: Grace period expires at midnight on December 31, 2023*****

If you would prefer to mail in your membership renewal download the form and follow the instructions.

    You must renew prior to November 30 to maintain your membership.

    According to the PCA By-Laws, your membership will be considered lapsed if your dues remain unpaid after December 31. This will result in suspension of your voting rights and receipt of your Lion Dog News.

    Check Here if your information has changed. This helps us keep our membership records current. (Required)

    Please select membership - PayPal transaction of $3 has been added (Required)

    Due to the substantial costs now incurred by the Club for this service, if you wish to receive the Club Bulletin (“The Lion Dog News”) via USPS because you do not have access to its current electronic delivery to all members via email and the PCA website, you must subscribe to it on an annual basis. The cost of a one-year snail-mailed LDN subscription is twenty dollars ($30), payable with your annual member-contributed capital.

    I understand that the PCA will send all communications via Email except as required by The Constitution and ByLaws, and the club will use the email address that I have provided. PCA members' contact information will be published on the password-protected “members only” section of the Club Website.

    Clicking SEND below will direct you to Paypal.