The Pekingese Club of America Standing Committees

Committee Chairpersons in bold following description - Most recently updated: January 18, 2022

  1. Accounting Review - Responsible for having an internal audit of the Treasurer’s books performed. This committee reports to the board and members. Calvin Dykes, Patty Metzger, Vincent Fleece
  2. Anti-Dog Legislation - Provides legislation updates via the PCA website, the Lion Dog News and the breed-related internet groups. Gloria Jones, Louise Harden
  3. Auction/Raffle – Generates general fund monies to help support the National Specialty. Heather Ginochio, Stephanie Hill
  4. Awards, Honors and Trophies - Coordinates fundraising and trophy selection/purchase for the national Specialty. Is responsible for having the trophies present at each National specialty. Keeps accurate records of Challenge trophy wins, coordinates the storage of challenge trophies and ensures they are at the correct shows when necessary. Shares the Challenge Trophy information and wins with the Historian. Also coordinates any annual PCA member awards. Determining the recipient of the annual Good Sportsmanship award/medallion, which recognizes a member who has raised the standard of exceptional sportsmanship in PCA and the sport, is also a function of this committee. This committee ballots the membership for nominees, the Board votes to select the recipient annually, and the name of the recipient is shared with the AKC.  Lori Stephen
  5. Breed and Club Historian – Keeps accurate records of PCA show wins, newsletters, board minutes, membership meeting minutes, and PCA elections. Collects and reports historical data and statistics. Educates on breed and club history. Steven Hamblin
  6. Breed Standard - When the membership indicates there are issues with the current breed standard, this committee will address those issues and if needed, draft a standard change for member and AKC approval.  Steven Hamblin, Joy Thoms
  7. Breeder Referral Network (National) - Updates the Breeder Referral list (which is a network of regional representatives who are willing to help the public find a puppy, etc.) as needed. The Chair of this committee is listed with AKC. Heather Ginochio
  8. Bylaws - At the Board’s direction, a committee is appointed to review current bylaws and revise as needed, subject to Board, member, and AKC approval. The Board appoints the chair and the members of this committee. Patty Metzger
  9. DNA Banking of Genetic Material – Committee is investigating the possibility of having Pekingese DNA samples banked for research. Steven Hamblin, David Fitzpatrick
  10. Education (Breeders) – Provides educational materials for breeders. Organizes and provides educational programs for breeders. Provides information to breeders on developments concerning Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) and efforts being made to deal with it. Louise Harden, Gladys Knox
  11. Education (Judges) - Provides educational materials for judges. Coordinates any requested judges education seminars with appropriate handout materials. Coordinates a national group of presenters and mentors. Susan Shephard, Louise Harden
  12. Health and Rescue - The Pekingese Charitable Foundation, Inc. oversees these efforts. The Health committee promotes and solicits funds for continuing education and research. Rescue is a nationwide network which coordinates volunteers that pull Pekingese from shelters, transport and foster until they are adopted Website url is:
  13. Hospitality - Coordinates hospitality for judges, guests, members and exhibitors at all PCA functions. Colleen Skinner, Susan Shephard
  14. Meet The Breeds – Coordinates and oversees the set-up, design and staffing of the Pekingese Meet the Breeds booth. Vincent Fleece
  15. Membership – Responsible for background check on applicants received from the Treasurer prior to voting. Report the information at the meeting prior to vote. Once the member is accepted, determine which regional club(s), members and breeders are in the new member’s locale. Send an individually written welcome packet to each new member, as described in our Standing Rules Membership section; alert via email, the sponsors of the new member that a packet is being sent to the person they sponsored (attach new member’s letter); request they follow up with the new member for a year and ask for a quarterly report from them for the LDN. Gladys Knox
  16. National Rotating Specialty - Annually sends to each Regional Club Secretary a copy of the Guidelines for hosting the PCA National along with an invitation to submit a bid to host a PCA National Rotating specialty series, a form to submit to PCA verifying receipt of the invitation and instructions detailing where to send a bid. Colleen Skinner
  17. Nominating (for PCA Board) – Committee and duties are fully described in Article VI of the bylaws. (year two if 2 year term)
    Committee Chair, members and alternates to be determined by June 15
  18. Publications – Coordinates and oversees the publication of the Lion Dog News, show catalog advertising, AKC Gazette submissions, PCA historical books and PCA yearbook. Susan Shephard
  19. Publicity, Public Education and Public Relations –Coordinates general education for the public and publicity for PCA functions. Creates educational materials suitable for the companion owner. At the board’s request, revises as needed the Pekingese insert that accompanies AKC registration papers and presents these revisions to the Board for approval. Colleen Skinner
  20. Regional Club Liaison – Acts as a liaison between PCA and the regional Pekingese clubs. Keeps PCA up to date on regional specialty dates, officer changes, etc. Vincent Fleece
  21. Register of Merit/CGC/Performance – Keeps records, accepts applications, and prepares certificates for ROM breeders/sires/dams. Performs similar duties for Canine Good Citizen and Performance participants. Shares this information with the club historian. Lori Stephen
  22. Show – Show Committee includes Show, Publicity, Hospitality, Trophies, and Catalog Advertising chairs. The Show Chair shall work directly with the show superintendent and show site. Contracts are not to be signed without majority Board approval. Show contracts require both the Show Chair’s signature and PCA President’s signature to be valid. Susan Shephard
  23. Standing Rules – At the board’s direction, review current Club Standing Rules and revise as needed. Patty Metzger
  24. Sunshine - when members learn of illness, surgery, graduations or a new milestone in a member's life, etc., they should contact the chair of this committee. The chair will then send a card appropriate for the situation to express the club's concern, sorrow or happiness, depending on the event. Gladys Knox
  25. Tellers Committee – Duties described in bylaw Article III, B, 2. (year one of two year term) Dawn Krautkramer, Debbie Hoselton, Krystal Hoselton
  26. Twenty-Five Year Members –  Research available records prior to 2014, and keep accurate records thereafter to determine when each current Club member joined the Club. Members will receive recognition at our annual Club banquet the year they reach the twenty-five-year milestone. Patty Metzger
  27. Ways & Means – Generates, coordinates, and oversees fundraising activities. Lori Stephen, Ted Lee
  28. Website – Coordinates and oversees the accuracy of information and timeliness of updates to the Club websites. Coordinates with the webmaster.      Betty Tilley-Poole