The Pekingese Club of America Standing Rules


The Pekingese Club of America Standing Rules

Most recently revised and approved October 22, 2022

07/08/08 amended to 07/14/13. STANDING RULES. Board and Club policies are adopted by the Board of Directors or Membership and shall not conflict with the Club’s adopted Constitution, Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation. If any Club Policy conflicts with the Club’s adopted Constitution, By-laws or Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws/Constitution and/or Articles of Incorporation shall rule.
A. Committees
07/08/08 amended to 07/14/13, 10/20/15, 11/17/15, 09/28/16, 10/26/16, 05/31/17 and further amended to 02/14/20. The following is a list of the current Standing Committees:

    1. Accounting Review - Responsible for having an internal audit of the Treasurer’s books performed. This committee reports to the board and members.
    2. Auction/Raffle –Generates general fund monies to help support the National Specialty.
    3. Awards, Honors and Trophies -Coordinates fundraising and trophy selection/purchase for the national Specialty. Is responsible for having the trophies present at each National specialty. Keeps accurate records of Challenge trophy wins, coordinates the storage of challenge trophies and ensures they are at the correct shows when necessary. Shares the Challenge Trophy information and wins with the Historian. Also coordinates any annual PCA member awards. Determining the recipient of the annual Good Sportsmanship award/medallion, which recognizes a member who has raised the standard of exceptional sportsmanship in PCA and the sport, is also a function of this committee. This committee ballots the membership for nominees, the Board votes to select the recipient annually, and the name of the recipient is shared with the AKC.
    4. Breed and Club Historian -Keeps accurate records of PCA show wins, challenge trophy records, newsletters, board minutes, membership meeting minutes, and PCA elections. Collects and reports historical data, statistics (i.e. records of National entries since 1911, record holders in both sexes, annual Top Twenty); educates on Breed and Club history.
    5. Breed Standard -When the membership indicates there are issues with the current breed standard, this committee will address those issues and if needed, draft a standard change for member and AKC approval.
    6. Breeder Referral Network (National) -Updates the Breeder Referral list (which is a network of regional representatives who are willing to help the public find a puppy, etc.) as needed. The Chair of this committee is listed with AKC.
    7. By-Laws -At the board’s direction, form a committee to review current bylaws and revise as needed subject to Board, member and AKC approval. The Board appoints the chair and the members of this committee.
    8. Canine Legislation -Provides legislation updates via the PCA website, the Lion Dog News and the breed related internet groups.
    9. DNA Banking of Genetic Material -Committee is investigating the possibility of having Pekingese DNA samples banked for health research.
    10. Education (Breeders) –Provides educational materials for breeders. Organizes and provides educational programs for breeders.
    11. Education (Judges) - Provides educational materials for judges. Coordinates any requested judges education seminars with appropriate handout materials. Coordinates a national group of presenters and mentors.
    12. Health and Rescue -The Pekingese Charitable Foundation, Inc. oversees these efforts. The Health committee promotes and solicits funds for continuing education and research. Rescue is a nationwide network which coordinates volunteers that pull Pekingese from shelters, transport and foster until they are adopted Website url is:
    13. Hospitality -Coordinates hospitality for judges, guests, members and exhibitors at all PCA functions.
    14. Meet The Breeds – Coordinates and oversees the set-up, design and staffing of the Pekingese Meet the Breeds booth.
    15. Membership– (NOTE: detailed committee duties are found at V. CLUB MEMBERSHIP, GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS AND MISCELLANEOUS in these Standing Rules). Responsible for background check on applicants received from the Treasurer prior to voting. Report the information at the meeting prior to vote. Once the member is accepted, determine which regional club(s), members and breeders are in the new member’s locale. Send an individually written welcome packet to each new member, as described in our Standing Rules Membership section; alert via email, the sponsors of the new member that a packet is being sent to the person they sponsored (attach new member’s letter); request they follow up with the new member for a year and ask for a quarterly report from them for the LDN.
    16. National Rotating Specialty- Annually sends to each Regional Club Secretary a copy of the Guidelines for hosting the PCA National along with an invitation to submit a bid to host a PCA National Rotating specialty series, a form to submit to PCA verifying receipt of the invitation and instructions detailing where to send a bid.
    17. Nominating (for PCA Board)– Committee and duties are fully described in Article VI of the bylaws.
    18. Publications– Coordinates and oversees the publication of the Lion Dog News, show catalog advertising, AKC Gazette submissions, PCA historical books and PCA yearbook.
    19. Publicity, Public Education and Public Relations– Coordinates general education for the public and publicity for PCA functions. Creates educational materials suitable for the companion owner. At the board’s request, revises as needed the Pekingese insert that accompanies AKC registration papers and presents these revisions to the Board for approval.
    20. Regional Club Liaison– Acts as a liaison between PCA and the regional Pekingese clubs. Keeps PCA up to date on regional specialty dates, officer changes, etc.
    21. Register of Merit/CGC/Performance– Keeps records, accepts applications, and prepares certificates for ROM breeders/sires/dams. Performs similar duties for Canine Good Citizen and Performance participants. Shares this information with the club historian.
    22. Show Committee– Show Committee includes Show, Publicity, Hospitality, Trophies, and Catalog Advertising chairs. The Show Chair shall work directly with the show superintendent and show site. Contracts are not to be signed without majority Board approval. Show contracts require both the Show Chair’s signature and PCA President’s signature to be valid.
    23. Standing Rules– At the board’s direction, review current Club Standing Rules and revise as needed.
    24. Sunshine- when members learn of illness, surgery, graduations or a new milestone in a member's life, etc., they should contact the chair of this committee. The chair will then send a card appropriate for the situation to express the club’s concern, sorrow or happiness, depending on the event.
    25. Tellers Committee– Duties described in bylaw Article III, B, 2.
    26. 04/27/22 Twenty-Five Year Members – Research available records prior to 2014, and keep accurate records thereafter to determine when each current Club member joined the Club. Members will receive recognition at our annual Club banquet the year they reach the twenty-five-year milestone.
    27. Ways & Means– Generates, coordinates, and oversees fundraising activities.
    28. Website– Coordinates and oversees the accuracy of information and timeliness of updates to the Club websites. Coordinates with the webmaster.

2. 02/13/98. With the exception of the Tellers Committee, there must be a member of the Board on any Committee chaired by a person from the general membership.
3. 05/31/17. The chairman and members of the nominating (for director positions) committee shall remain the same for no longer than two consecutive years.
A. Application to Host a National Specialty
Added 05/31/17.

    1. Each year in the summer or fall two years prior to the event, the Club will send to each Regional Club Secretary a copy of the Guidelines for hosting the PCA National. The Regional Club Secretaries to whom the invitation was sent must each return a verification of receipt card to the PCA National Rotating Chairperson within ten days of receipt of the information. Written applications from each of the potential hosting clubs are to be mailed to the PCA Show Committee Chairperson by January 15, 17-23 months in advance of the prospective show. More detailed information may be found on the Club website under the tab “Events/Future Nationals”.

B. Trophies
1. PCA Club Logo Bred by Exhibitor Medallions.
11/24/09 amended to 07/14/13 and further amended to 10/20/15.

a)PCA National Specialties: The PCA Sterling Silver Medallion for Best Bred by Exhibitor will be awarded to the Best bred by Exhibitor provided that however the total number actually competing in the BBE Classes is obtained, there is a total of at least four (4) Pekingese actually competing in the BBE classes. These medallions are open to all, they shall be listed in the premium list and show catalog and they shall be awarded in the ring.
b)Regional Pekingese Club Specialties Added 07/13/16: Provided that the regional Pekingese Club Specialty is part of the PCA National Rotating Series weekend, the PCA Sterling Silver Medallion for Best Bred by Exhibitor will be awarded to the Best bred by Exhibitor provided that however the total number actually competing in the BBE Classes is obtained, there is a total of at least four (4) Pekingese actually competing in the BBE classes. These medallions are open to all, they shall be listed in the premium list and show catalog and they shall be awarded in the ring.

2. Remaining PCA Club Logo Medallions.
06/18/14 amended to 10/15/14 and 09/08/15 and further amended to 05/31/17.

a)PCA will award polished finish gold-filled Club logo Medallions to Winners Dog and Winners Bitch at each of the Club's National specialty shows.
b)PCA will award satin finish gold-filled Club logo Medallions to Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex at each of the Club's National specialty shows.
c) PCA will award bronze Club logo Medallions to Award of Merit recipients at each of the Club's National specialty shows.
d) PCA will award satin silver oxide Club logo Medallions to Select Dog and Select Bitch recipients at each of the Club's National specialty shows.
e) PCA will award satin silver oxide Club logo Medallions to commemorate both the Lacasa McClure Halley perpetual trophy for BOB and the J.P. Morgan Perpetual trophy for BOB.
These medallions shall be offered at each of the Club's National specialty shows and shall be awarded in the ring.

3. Type of trophies
07/14/13 amended to 09/08/15.

Type of trophies to be offered at Pekingese Club of America Specialties shall be at the discretion of the PCA Board of Directors, working in conjunction with the PCA Trophy Chair.

C. Awards of Merit (AOM).

  1. 01/18/08 amended to 07/14/13. Awards of Merit will be offered at all PCA Specialties and are open to all. The judge will be permitted to give Awards of Merit to dogs in competition in the Best of Breed class that the judge feels are worthy of BOB. The judge may give Awards of Merit, but is not required to do so.

Amended 09/27/17. Awards of Merit derive from the concept that judging is the evaluation of breeding stock. An Award of Merit is meant to recognize exceptional quality in dogs or bitches in a judge’s evaluation.

There is one Award of Merit available for each seven (7) champions in actual competition (dogs entered but not present do not count toward the total) in the Best of Breed class.

D. Judges Selection Procedure.

1. 07/22/15 amended to 12/17/15. - FOR ALL PCA SPECIALTY SHOWS: This is the procedure for Judges’ selection for the Club's Specialty shows:
02/23/16 amended to 07/13/16. NOTE: Judges Eligibility Requirements: Potential regular class judges for any Specialty show during a PCA National Specialty series may not be considered if they have judged regular classes at a specialty show during a PCA National Specialty series for 3 years prior to the year of the show being balloted. Potential sweepstakes class judges for any Specialty show during a PCA National Specialty series may not be considered if they have judged sweepstakes classes at a specialty show during a PCA National Specialty series for 2 years prior to the year of the show being balloted. Regular class judges must agree to the fee set by the PCA Board.

a) A list shall be posted on the PCA website of all North American Pekingese judges, noting that members may also nominate a foreign judge that is not listed and/or an established breeder/handler who has demonstrated an extraordinary level of knowledge of the breed.
b) 07/13/16 amended to 07/25/18 - On December 1 of each year, the Treasurer will send an email to the membership asking the members to reply to the email by December 31 with the name of their one nominee to judge regular classes and their one nominee to judge sweepstakes for the National Specialty in the year to be voted upon by the membership.
c) 02/23/16 amended to 07/25/18 - On or as shortly after December 31st as possible each year, the Treasurer will tabulate the nominations that were returned in response to the December 1 email from the Treasurer. The Treasurer will then report the complete results to the Corresponding Secretary, who will then inform the Board, and where feasible the appropriate Show Chairperson, of the nomination results.
d) 04/27/22 As soon as possible after the date and location of the National specialty for which the membership will vote to select judges have been determined, the Show Chair will contact the top three (3) Regular Class and top two (2) Sweepstakes nominees in order, provided that each of these nominees received nominations from at least five (5) Club members, beginning with the nominee in each category who received the most nominations, to ask if they are able to judge on the date of the show and in the case of Regular Class nominees, for the fee the Board has agreed to pay the regular class judge for the year in question. The Show Chair will keep contacting the top nominees in order until there are three (3) names for Regular Class and two (2) names for Sweepstakes Classes to put on a ballot. If there is a tie anywhere within the top three (3) nominees for Regular Class or within the top two (2)) nominees for Sweepstakes Classes, all nominees involved in the tie will be contacted and all who indicate their availability and willingness to judge on the date of the show will be included on the ballot. This may mean that a ballot for Regular Classes and/or Sweepstakes classes may have more than three (3) for Regular Class or more than two (2) for Sweepstakes nominees on
e) 02/23/16. The Show Chair, or Club Corresponding Secretary if a Show Chair has not yet been selected, will ask each nominee who has accepted a place on the ballot to provide a short biography containing no more than 200 words of his/her accomplishments in the world of “dogs”. Those biographies shall be submitted to the Corresponding Secretary, who will have the PCA webmaster/webmistress publish each bio to a page on the Club website.
f) 02/23/16. The final ballot shall go to the membership for a vote. The ballot shall be returned to the Chair of the Tellers Committee for tallying. This Tellers Committee should change its makeup and move to different parts of the country. The members on this committee shall remain the same for no longer than two consecutive years. The Tellers Committee Chair must send its formal report of the complete voting results to the Corresponding Secretary no later than 30 days after the deadline for returning the ballots.
g) 01/25/17 amended to 5/31/17. When the Tellers Committee has completed its work in tallying the membership vote, the chair of this committee shall email a written report of the voting to the Corresponding Secretary, who will share this report with the Show Chair. The show chair shall contact each of the two winners to verify that each is still willing and available to judge at that National. If a Show Secretary has not yet been selected, the Corresponding Secretary shall carry out this task.
Once acceptances in writing have been received, the Corresponding Secretary shall mail a formal congratulatory letter to the winners of the Conformation and Sweepstakes judging assignment. The Corresponding Secretary shall now also inform the Board of the results and shall inform the membership of the results by posting them on the password protected members-only portion of the Club’s website within 7 days of receiving them. Additionally, the Corresponding Secretary shall also notify any nominees who are NOT Club members of the winners for both Regular Class and Sweepstakes Class assignments for the National in question.
h) The show chair shall then follow up by sending a congratulatory note and judging contract to each of the elected judges (templates for the notes and contracts are available from the Corresponding Secretary) and will mention to each judge that when closer to the date of the specialty, each judge will receive a Hospitality questionnaire from the Specialty Show Chair in order to gather information on the judge’s needs well ahead of his/her assignment (the template for said questionnaire is available from the Corresponding Secretary).
i) Any judge who is voted first place by the membership to judge PCA, but who notifies the Show Chair within thirty (30) days that he/she is no longer available for the show date will automatically be offered a contract to judge the following year(s) for which no judge has yet been selected by the membership. In this case, the judge that came in second shall then be offered the judging assignment for the year in question. In the case of a tie for first place, the Board shall vote to break the tie. The judge that does not win the tie-breaker shall be offered a contract to judge the following year(s) for which no judge has yet been selected by the membership.
j) 02/23/16. This procedure shall take place at least two (2) years prior to the date of the show in question.

2. 03/30/09. There will be no remuneration for hotel or travel expenses for PCA Sweepstakes Judges or Special Event Judges.
3. The Judging fee(s) for Regular Classes, Obedience and Rally shall be determined by the Board.
4. 01/18/08. Neither the Show Chairpersons nor the President will exhibit at The Pekingese Club of America Specialties.
5. 02/10/08 amended to 07/14/13. The annual Club specialties will be held in a different location of the country each year and will be known as “The Pekingese Club of America National Rotating Specialty.”

D. Classes. 07/14/13 amended to 04/13/14 amended to 06/04/22.

Puppy Dogs, 6 mos. & under 9 mos.
Puppy Dogs, 9 mos. & under 12 mos.
Dogs, 12 mos. & under 18 mos.
Novice Dogs
Amateur Owner-Handler
EITHER Bred by Exhibitor Puppy Dogs
AND Bred by Exhibitor Adult Dogs
OR Bred by Exhibitor Dog
American Bred Dogs
Open Dogs, under 8 lbs. (if over 12 mos. old)
Open Dogs, 8 lbs. and over (& under 8 lbs. if less than 12 mos. old), Parti-Color, Black and Tan Black, White and Cream (Off White, Not Blond or Fawn)
Open Dogs 8 lbs. and over (& under 8 lbs. if less than 12 mos. old), Any Other Allowed Color
Veteran, Dogs, 7 yrs. & under 10 yrs.
Veteran Dogs, 10 yrs. and older
Same Classes for Bitches
Best of Breed
Best of Winners
Best of Opposite Sex
Award(s) of Merit
Stud Dog
Brood Bitch

1st-4th in each Regular and Non-Regular Class (based on entry)
Winners Dog
Reserve Winners Dog
Winners Bitch
Reserve Winners Bitch
Best of Breed
Best of Winners
Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed
Select Dog
Select Bitch
Award(s) of Merit
Best Bred by Exhibitor
Best Puppy
Best Veteran
Best Stud Dog
Best Brood Bitch
Best Brace

Puppy Dogs, 6 mos. & under 9 mos.
Puppy Dogs, 9 mos. & under 12 mos.
Dogs, 12 mos. & under 18 mos.
Same classes for bitches

1st - 4th in Each Class (based on entry)
Best In Sweepstakes
Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes

Novice Class
Open Class
Master Class
*Novice and Open Class may be divided by age*

Junior: At least 9 years old but under 12 years old on the day of the show.
Intermediate: At least 12 years old but under 15 years old on the day of the show.
Senior: At least 15 years old but under 18 years old on the day of the show.

1st -4th in Each Class (based on entry)
Best Junior Showmanship
Reserve Best Junior Showmanship

4-6 Month Beginner Puppy (both sexes judged together)

Best of Breed Beginner Puppy
Best of Opposite Sex Beginner Puppy

E. 03/05/10 amended to 07/14/13. Parent Club Approval of Regional Specialty Club Events.
The Pekingese Club of America will not give parent club approval to regional Pekingese Club specialties held within a two-hundred and fifty (250) mile radius and five (5) days prior to a Pekingese Club of America Specialty weekend unless the regional club's show is held in conjunction with a Pekingese Club of America Specialty.
IV. General Rules, Policies and Regulations.
1. 06/25/07 amended to 07/14/13. During any secret ballot cast by mail, any member in good standing shall, upon written request to whomever is delegated by the club to receive the ballots, have the right to inspect, and receive by email or fax from this individual directly, the exact membership roster in possession of the individual that is being used for mailing, verification and tabulation of the ballots.
2. 07/08/08. The Board of Directors shall set all fees/deposits for all club business and membership dues.
3. 11/24/08. The deposit for filing charges against a member is one hundred dollars ($100).
4. 11/24/08 amended to 07/14/13. For a written secret ballot to the members generated by petitions submitted by 20% of the members, such petition must be accompanied by a fee (to be determined by the Board) which covers the expenses of the mailing and the tabulating of the resulting ballots. There shall be no fee for petitions to amend to the Constitution, By-laws or Breed Standard, or to nominate a candidate for election to the Board.
5. 10/22/08, 07/14/13 amended to 01/25/17. Membership Roster. Every member in good standing shall receive a current members roster within the first quarter of each year. The members roster shall also be posted on the members only portion of the Club website. The annual members roster shall bear the name, address, phone number and email address of all members in good standing to date based upon the treasurer's report for annual dues paid.
6. 01/19/09. Members approved in 4th quarter. The dues paid by any new member approved during the 4th quarter shall apply for the remainder of the year and the following year.
7. 04/13/14 amended to 06/24/15. Treasury procedures
a. Any club expenditure of five hundred dollars ($500) or more shall have the president's and vice president's written (mail or e-mail) authorization on record.
b. Any reimbursement to a member of the Board of Directors for club expenditures shall have at least two written authorizations on file, the president's and the vice president's, except in the case where the president or vice president is seeking reimbursement for themselves, in which case these officers shall not authorize their own reimbursement and shall instead have the authorization of two other officers of the club. All reimbursement requests shall be accompanied by receipts.
8. 12/17/15 amended to 08/30/17. Policy concerning the death of a Club member. When a PCA member passes away, the following policy shall be observed:
a. In conjunction with the National Specialty. An Honorarium page will be printed in the catalogue for any members who have passed since the last National. Show dedications will be at the discretion of The Board of Directors.
b. The Lion Dog News. PCA members who have passed away since the most recent publication of the Lion Dog News (LDN) will be honored in the next publication of the LDN with a photo (if available) and a brief bio.
c. PCA Board of Directors. In the event that a deceased PCA member was currently serving on the PCA Board of Directors at the time of his/her death, an email notification of a PCA leadership death will be sent to the PCA membership.
9. 01/25/17 amended to 11/29/17. AKC Delegate: In addition to the duties defined in Article IV F (6) of the Club Bylaws, as of January 1, 2018 the following is PCA policy with regard to expense reimbursement to the Club’s AKC Delegate at a maximum of two AKC Delegate meetings per year:
a. PCA will reimburse the Delegate for economy flights to attend the AKC delegate meetings,
b. PCA will reimburse the Delegate for hotel accommodations at the host hotel during AKC delegate meetings, and
c. PCA will provide $65 per diem towards meal expense.


1. 10/30/22. Regardless of which membership type is desired, the applicant is required to sign and date the Club Code of Ethics and the two notices which follow on the PCA Membership Application.

2. 10/30/22. Applicants for Associate Membership need not provide the two sponsors needed by members who will be eligible to vote and/or hold office, and if accepted into membership by the board, their membership shall be announced in the Club bulletin without the 30 days publication required of those applicants who will be permitted to vote when membership is board-approved. However, if after a minimum of one year’s membership, an Associate Member feels he now has the minimum requirements and who wishes to become a Regular member, shall follow the procedure as outlined in 3. below.

3. 02/23/16. Minimum Requirements to be accepted as a Regular (voting) Club member.
PREFACE: It is hoped that these requirements will allow only those who have good knowledge of the Pekingese to be able to vote on judge nominations and updating the Club Bylaws and the Pekingese breed standard if necessary. On the PCA membership application, the applicant will choose the section below that pertains to his experience and will also verify with his signature that he meets the requirements given in that section.

  • FIRST-TIME Applicants. First time applicants for Regular membership must have the endorsement of two Regular PCA members who have not only been Club members for at least one year, but who are also aware of the activities (both Peke-related and breeding/exhibiting-related) of the applicant over a period of at least a year. The importance of the sponsors cannot be overestimated as they will, once the applicant is accepted into Regular membership, remain in contact with the new member as mentors for at least his/her first year of Club membership.
  • FORMER PCA MEMBERS WHO RE-APPLY for Membership in PCA after their membership has lapsed must explain to the Club Board in writing the reason(s) for the lapse. The Board will then determine whether or not the application for reinstatement is acceptable. When accepted, applicants of this type will be accepted into membership of the same type they had when membership lapsed.  If the application for reinstatement is not accepted by the Board, the applicant must re-apply as a First-Time Applicant pursuant to the guidelines in Section V. of the Club Standing Rules

2. 10/26/16, Detailed duties of the Membership Committee: When the Treasurer receives an application for Club membership, he/she sends an electronic acknowledgement of receipt of the application to the new applicant. At this time, the application is electronically shared with the Board by the Treasurer, and in an attempt to shorten the length of time between receipt of the application and the board vote upon each application, the pertinent applicant information is also shared with the membership via the emailing of a special edition of the Club Bulletin. This committee will call sponsors and local PCA members to gain information about each new applicant as this may be helpful during board voting.

Following approval of the applicant by the PCA Board of Directors, the Corresponding Secretary shall send a formal welcome letter in compliance with the Club Bylaws. At the time this welcome letter is sent, the Corresponding Secretary also copies the Membership Committee Chair on this letter. This committee then sends the new member a membership packet within ten (10) business days of receipt of the copy of the Corresponding Secretary’s welcome letter. This packet is to include:

a) a welcome letter from the President
b) a letter containing information on the public Club website and instructions for accessing the members only portion of that website,
c) PCA Contact information and the name of the Regional Pekingese club closest to the new member,
d) a list of PCA members and breeders/exhibitors local to the new member,
e) the most recent copy of the Club bulletin – and mention will be made that future Club bulletins will be delivered electronically unless the new member prefers to pay the annual subscription fee to have them delivered via the USPS.

A copy of the Club Study Guide is to be sent to the new member separately by the Treasurer. This committee is responsible for staying in contact with each new member for a year following their acceptance into membership and for keeping the new member apprised of:

a) the dates of the closest regional specialties,
b) the details of the Club National Specialty and
c) the date/time/location of the next annual Club membership meeting.

The committee will appoint a PCA Board member to welcome the new member who is attending the National specialty for the first time. With regard to the LDN, this committee:

a) supplies the editor with a list of all new applicants prior to the publishing of each new bulletin,
b) provides a bio of each new member so that he/she can be introduced to the membership and
c) annually provides a list of all new members that year.

The committee reports at board meetings when a membership packet has been sent out to a new member.
A member of this committee will be charged with the responsibility of reaching out to members with sympathy, get-well, support, thank yous and encouragement cards in time of need. The name of the committee member responsible for this member outreach/sunshine will be listed, along with the Membership Committee chair(s) on the Committee page on the Club website.
3. 11/14/67. Sterling silver PCA Club pins will be made available for purchase by members.
4. 07/08/08 amended to 07/14/13. The Lion Dog News and all official Board minutes shall not be published or distributed without Board approval
5. 02/02/08. The PCA checking account will have three signatories which may be any PCA director, none of whom will be from, or living in, the same household as another signatory, or have had a business partnership of any kind including breeding, owning or exhibiting dogs with another signatory. Two signatures will be required for any checks over $500. No invoice or bill to PCA shall be divided into smaller payments to circumvent this rule or for any other reason.

05/01/08 amended to 04/03/09 and 09/27/17. The Pekingese Club of America Register of Merit (ROM) Awards program honors member-breeders and owners who:

  1. 1. Have bred a minimum of twelve (12) AKC Pekingese champions.
    2. Own dams that have produced a minimum of four (4) AKC Pekingese champions.
    3. Own stud dogs that have produced a minimum of six (6) AKC Pekingese champions.
    4. Own obedience Pekingese titlists who have obtained a minimum of two (2) titles, including an advanced title of CDX or higher.
    In addition, the following ROM awards will be presented as follows:
    1. ROM Breeder Bronze – for each ROM Breeder who has bred a minimum of twenty-four (24) Pekingese champions.
    2. ROM Breeder Silver – for each ROM Breeder who has bred a minimum of thirty-six (36) Pekingese champions.
    3. ROM Breeder Gold – for each ROM Breeder who has bred a minimum of forty-eight (48) Pekingese champions.
    4. ROM Breeder Platinum – for each ROM Breeder who has bred a minimum of seventy-two (72) Pekingese champions.
    5. ROM Dam Bronze – for each ROM dam who has produced a minimum of six (6) Pekingese champions.
    6. ROM Dam Silver – for each ROM dam who has produced a minimum of eight (8) Pekingese champions.
    7. ROM Dam Gold – for each ROM dam who has produced a minimum of ten (10) Pekingese champions.
    8. ROM Dam Platinum – for each ROM dam who has produced a minimum of eleven (11) Pekingese champions.
    9. ROM Sire Bronze – for each ROM sire who has produced a minimum of twelve (12) Pekingese champions.
    10. ROM Sire Silver – for each ROM sire who has produced a minimum of twenty-four (24) Pekingese champions.
    11. ROM Sire Gold – for each ROM sire who has produced a minimum of thirty-six (36) Pekingese champions.
    12. ROM Sire Platinum – for each ROM sire who has produced a minimum of fifty (50) Pekingese champions.

Those applying for a ROM award must submit the following documentation to the ROM Chairperson to be approved:

  • ROM Breeder: Copies of the necessary number of AKC Championship Certificates.
  • ROM Sire/Dam: An AKC Progeny Report and a copy of the AKC Registration Certificate for the qualified Pekingese.
  • ROM Obedience: Copies of two AKC Obedience title certificates, one being a CDX or higher, and a copy of the AKC Registration Certificate for the qualified Pekingese.

There is no deadline for these awards, but applicants must notify the committee chair of eligibility and supply requested documentation. When a breeder or owner meets the requirement for the award, the committee chair will mail an ROM Award Certificate to the member within 30 days. All new ROM titles will be announced before an assembly of the members at the Members dinner held during the National Specialty weekend. In order to be eligible for an ROM award above, ALL owners/co-owners must be PCA members in good standing.
B. PCA Sportsmanship Award.
02/10/08 amended to 07/14/13. Further amended on 11/29/17. An "AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award" medallion will be awarded through PCA annually to a member who exemplifies the AKC Code of Sportsmanship and PCA Code of Ethics. Three months prior to each year’s National Specialty, the PCA Awards, Honors and Trophies Committee will send an “email blast” to all Club members requesting that nominations accompanied by a letter explaining the nominee’s qualifications for this award be sent to the Club corresponding secretary by email, fax or regular mail until the closing date which is set by the chairman of the committee. The Board will vote for one candidate from the list of nominees. In the event of a tie the Board will vote to break it. The honoree will be spotlighted in the subsequent Lion Dog News, PCA Yearbook and on the PCA website as well as the AKC website.
C. PCA twenty-five Year Member Pin
05/31/17. A sterling silver PCA Club medallion, hung from a sterling pin that reads “25 year member” will be given at the annual Club banquet during the Rotating National Specialty weekend to each Club member whose length of membership is documented to be at least 25 years. Membership lists published in Club Year Books, Club newsletters, Club Board meeting minutes, “email blasts” to the membership, etc. will be used to determine length of membership. For years where this documentation is unfortunately missing, members who themselves can document the length of their membership may also be eligible for this pin.
1. 02/10/08 amended to 07/14/13. The name of the PCA Bulletin will be The Lion Dog News (otherwise known as the "LDN").
2. 05/13/08 amended to 07/14/13. The Lion Dog News is published quarterly strictly for members of PCA. It is constructed by the member appointed by the Board as editor and approved by the Board. The Board has complete jurisdiction over the content in the LDN and the editor is always subject to the authority of the Board. The quarterly issues will be e-mailed in the months of January, April, July and October. The Board may adjust the mailing date to accommodate updated information, except where the Bylaws provide otherwise.
3. 02/10/08 amended to 07/14/13. The Lion Dog News will be primarily a Club news medium. The price of any ads included will be determined by the Board.

  • For specific committee rules and deadlines, please refer to ARTICLE VI of the Club Bylaws (found at: Within this article, of special importance to the Nominating Committee is:

1. Qualifications of Nominees.
2. Selection of the Nominating Committee
3. Nominations by the Nominating Committee

  • If at any point you have questions relating to the nomination process, please feel free to ask for more information or help from any director whose term is not expiring and thus subject to your decisions that year.
  • Please be mindful of the dates on which each phase of the nomination process must be completed. It is important to meet these deadlines, as other deadlines further in the year often depend upon them.

10/20/15. Guidelines approved by the Board of Directors
1. PCA will reimburse parking, tolls and mileage for up to 2 people per day. Any additional expenses will require prior approval. Please submit receipts to the PCA treasurer for reimbursement.
2. The booth display should in no way give the impression that PCA has a preference for one exhibitor over another. Absolutely no photos of current exhibitors are to be on display.
3. There are to be no personal business cards either on display or being distributed.
4. If changes to an existing MTB booth are desired and the MTB committee would like PCA reimbursement, the changes must first be approved by the PCA Board.
5. If AKC gives the MTB committee a reimbursement check or cash, the committee must submit that check/cash to the PCA treasurer.
6. There are to be only PCA approved handouts available for distribution at the MTB booth.
7. It is recommended that the MTB committee have up to four Pekingese present at the booth. Hopefully one or two of the dogs present will be puppies (minimum age 6 mos.). Please be very sure that the adults are crowd friendly. If the committee is at all unsure of this, please leave them home. Please have a quiet place available for the dogs to take a break from the crowds.
07/14/13 amended to 04/13/14. All PCA Judges’ Mentors** must have been approved by the PCA Board of Directors after having met the following requirements: A mentor must:
1. have documented ten (10) years in the Breed and/or recognized knowledge and experience in the breed.
2. have knowledge of background, history, and idiosyncrasies of the breed.
3. have attended at least two (2) PCA National Specialty Shows.
4. either is an approved AKC breeder-judge or a breeder having bred at least four (4) litters resulting in a total of at least four (4) champions.
5. have attended a minimum of two parent club-approved Pekingese seminars, one of which must have been presented at the National Specialty.
6. have read PCA's Study Guide on the Pekingese.
7. agree in writing to use the PCA Board approved education materials including the PCA Study Guide
8. submit a Mentor Qualification Application form to PCA's Board of Directors for review.

(**United States residency is not a necessary requirement to be a PCA Judges' Mentor.)
Additional criteria considered by the PCA Board for becoming a Judges' Mentor include:
For purposes of educating prospective Pekingese judges, candidates to become PCA-approved Judges' Mentors should possess an in-depth understanding of the breed standard as demonstrated by all or some of the following:

a. Has shown skills as an approved, provisional or sweepstakes judge at specialties.
b. Has consistently bred and shown dogs of excellent quality.
c. Has become an ROM breeder.
d. Has owned or produced ROM dogs.
e. Has demonstrated an ability to recognize type while informally observing dogs.
f. Must be willing to demonstrate ability to critique a Pekingese in front of a group.
g. Must have excellent communication skills with the ability to provide discussion based strictly on the standard in a clear, understandable and insightful manner.
h. Must have a willingness to travel to make presentations at judges’ study groups.
i. Must not promote dogs that members are showing or campaigning.
j. Must not promote individual living dogs or the mentor’s own breeding, and show records must not be discussed.
k. Must have the time available and willingness to attend shows to assist prospective judges with understanding the Pekingese standard through ringside tutoring and/or hands on evaluation (after exhibiting at a show) and answering questions.
l. Must assume responsibility for transportation expenses to and from seminars.

All mentors will be listed on the PCA website with their email addresses to make it convenient for prospective judges to contact them.
All PCA members who wish to become Judges' Mentors, and who believe that they have met the aforementioned criteria, should make application to the PCA Board of Directors, documenting their qualifications. A two-thirds approval of the present voting Board at a meeting will be necessary to be put on the Judges' Mentor list.


10/30/22. Only those members entitled to vote and/or hold office may be listed on the Club website as permitted to make Breeder  referrals. This section of the Standing Rules also needs to be referenced in the “FIND A PEKE” tab on the Club website and in the Standing Rules, under II. BOARD OF DIRECTORS. A. Committees, 1. 6) Breeder Referral Network (National).