The PCA Top Awards


AKC Sportsman of the Year Patricia Metzger
Breeder of the Year Vincent Fleece
Top Dog Breed and All Breed GCH Pequest Wasabi
Top Bitch Breed and All Breed GCH CH Lion Dogs Grand Finale At Corralito
Top Sire GCH Déjà vu Stand By Me Top Junior Handler Addison Worgull
Top Owner Handled GCH CH De Luna el Papi
Top Performance Dog <3 way tie>
CH Da Mao’s A Very Hungry Caterpillar
CH Da Mao’s Green Eggs and Ham
GCH Ormalu Madam Gucci


AKC Sportsmanship Award      Elizabeth Tilley-Poole
Top Breeder           David Fitzpatrick 8 champions
Top Dog Breed        Diaquiris On the Edge of Fame         Breeder: Cynthia Dyson
Owners: Juan Carlos DeLuna Amarillas, Libia Maria Macedo Delgado, Timothy Reese and Randy Winters
Top Dog All Breed    Same as above
Top Bitch Breed  GCHB Déjà Vu Kiss Me Like You Mean It    Breeder/Owner:  Susan Shephard
Top Bitch All Breed      GCH Pequest Primrose   Breeder: David Fitzpatrick   Owner: David Fitzpatrick and P. Steinman
Best Junior     Miya Brown
Top Owner Handled    GCH Pequest All that Glitters   Breeder: David Fitzpatrick    Owner: Kay Caanan
Top Performance CH Da Mao's A Very Hungry Caterpillar RA CGC TKN     Breeder/Owners:  Cheryl, Kristin,  and Allison Chang
Top Stud Dog (2 way tie 5 CH)
GCHG Pequest Pickwick   Breeder: David Fitzpatrick    Owners: Nancy Shapland/David Fitzpatrick
GCHB Windemere's Destined To Be in Style  Breeder: Joy Thoms  Owner: Laura Markham
Top Brood Bitch  3 champions each   (5 way tie)
GCH Castlerigg Glory Bee   Bred & Owned by Susan Speranza
CH Lon-Du Ven-Mar Miss Dior O’ Chinabear     Breeders: Arlon Duit & Vincent Fleece     Owner: Carmen Blankenship
CH Pequest Jessica   Breeder/Owner: David Fitzpatrick
GCH Silvergate Aslan We Love Lucy  Breeder/Owners: Nicole Cooper, Lori & Mark Stephen
CH Windemere's Marshmallow Creme Breeder/ Owner: Joy Thoms


AKC Sportsmanship Award: I. Louise Harden
Top Breeder Susan Shephard 7 Champions
Top Dog All Breed Points GCHS Pequest Feel The Burn
Owners: David Fitzpatrick & S. Middlebrook, I. Love, P. Steinman Breeder: David Fitzpatrick
Top Dog Breed Points GCHS Diaquiris On The Edge of Fame
Owners: L. Macedo Delgado, J. Deluna, T. Reese, R. Winters Breeder: Cynthia Dyson
Top Sire 5 Champions Ch. Déjà vu True Grit for Shambala Breeder/Owner: Susan Shephard
Top Dam 4 Champions Ch Klerkshof Taminaka Owner: Susan Shephard Breeder/Anita Klerks
Top Owner/Handler GCH Lion Dance Waterloo Owners: Heather & Justin Ginochio Breeder: Clara Escobar Jurado
Top Performance Dog Ch. Da Mao’s Five-O Is Still Out There CD PCD BN RM RAE NJP OFP CGCA CGCU TKP
Owners/Breeders: Cheryl S. Chang, Kristin Chang, Allison Chang


AKC Sportsmanship Award: David Fitzpatrick
Top Breeder David Fitzpatrick 8 Champions
Top Dog All Breed Points GCHS Hiwins Lucas at Dabuew
Owners: Hiram Stewart, Rick Ly & Daisy Wilburn Breeders: Hiram Stewart and Daisy Wilburn
Top Dog Breed Points GCHS Pequest Pickwick Owners: David Fitzpatrick & Nancy Shapland Breeders: David Fitzpatrick
Top Sire 4 Champions GCHS Ch. Pequest General Tso Breeder/Owner: David Fitzpatrick
Top Sire 4 Champions Ch. Déjà vu True Grit for Shambala Breeder/Owner: Susan Shephard
Top Dam 4 Champions GCh. Ch. Roll About Gold Seduction Owners: Nicole Cooper, Mark & Lori Stephen
Breeders/Arlon Duit & Carrie Forsythe
Top Performance Dog Ormalu Madam Gucci RA NAS ACT1 CGC Owners: Cheryl Chang, Kristin Chang, Allison Chang Breeders: Patricia Smith


AKC Sportsmanship Award: Gloria Jones
Top Breeder Joy Thoms 6 Champions
Top Sire 5 Champions GCHS Ch. Palacegarden Malachy Owner: David Fitzpatrick Breeders: Jim Smith/Jean Smith
Top Dam 4 way tie with 3 Champions:
Top Dam Ch. Jenkar & Raintree’s Rose Martini Owners: Karen Crane/Andrea D. Johnson Breeder: Karen Crane
Top Dam  GCH Ch. Katsa Greatest Love of All Breeders/Owners: Thomas F. Jenkins/Vincent J. Hedrick
Top Dam  GCH Yakee My Favourite Ante Owners: Colleen Skinner/Roma Skinner Breeder: Albert Easdon
Top Dam  Ch. Mack Island Limited Edition Owner: Mark F. Warren/Katherine Torchia Breeders: Mark Warren/Israel Velez Jr.